Medallion Artwork Specifications

Medallion Artwork Specifications

The suite of high-quality, Mac/PC-compatible digital files available for licensed use includes the following images:

Large, Print-resolution images

Two high-resolution images of your award, one JPG file and one native Photoshop (PSD) file, measure 1,750 × 1,750 pixels, with a resolution of 350 dpi. Images contain a light drop shadow to add visual depth; they are supplied in CMYK color mode, ready for use in your print projects.

Small, Screen-resolution Image

One low-resolution image in PNG format, containing a light drop shadow and transparent background, has a 72 dpi resolution and measures 400 × 400 pixels. It is supplied in RGB color mode, intended for use online or in other electronic media. Vector Line Art This Adobe Illustrator EPS file is a fully scaleable black-and-white graphics image. It is provided for your convenience should you require a unique application of the image, such as engraving, etching, embossing, spot-color printing, etc.

File specifications and formats may vary from the above descriptions, depending on the Competition year.