Show the world you’re a winner.
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images of your NYWSC award medallion.

The New York World Wine & Spirits Competition has created a suite of high-quality digital medallion images for use in your online and in-print promotions. A small one-time licensing fee allows unlimited worldwide use of the NYWSC medallion artwork by you or anyone you choose to promote your award-winning wine or spirits product. Once purchased, the license allows you not only to use the imagery in your own advertising and collateral, but also in ads and promos by those who sell and distribute your products on your behalf.

For a list of images and file specifications, click here.

If you wish to purchase your 2018 medallion license(s) online with a credit card or by PayPal, please complete the order form below. To purchase licenses for any other Competition year, please e-mail [email protected].

To pay by bank wire transfer, please click here to download an order form and e-mail it to [email protected].

You will receive instructions for downloading the image files immediately upon payment.



There is a one-time licensing fee of $50 per winning wine and $150 per winning spirits product.
The license permits any person or agency promoting the product unlimited use, in perpetuity, of the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition medallion imagery in any advertising, collateral, point-of-sale, public relations, or any other promotional channel pertaining to the product to which the medal was awarded and the license was granted. The license to use the image is not transferable for the purpose of promoting any other product, nor may it be used for any other purpose than to promote the award-winning product specified in the license. Medallion image files are provided as a convenience to the user and remain the sole property of the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition.


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